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an announcement - change in rules - flood prevention!

hey everyone :)

I guess you've all noticed the huge increase in members lately. that's really cool, it means good things and success and etc. awesome. :) however, since there's been a huge increase of members, it also means there's been a huge increase in posts.

the th_cult is a really lax place. we have rules but they're flimsy, not very strict. everything's pretty laid back. as long as we're sort of talking about the band, then we're good.

until... now.

lately it seems like the th_cult has turned into the th_request_pictures_or_interviews_does_anyone_have_the_fullsize_of_this_picture?_HALP_did_you_know_bill_was_on_star_search??_cult. we understand what it is to be new - we've been there, it's really exciting because everything is fresh and finding new shit is really awesome. and since there's so MUCH of this new awesome shit, it's hard to dig through it all and find what you're looking for.

the easiest thing to do? post to the th_cult and ask for it.

not anymore.

we, the th_cult mods, are asking that you please stop with the constant flooding of picture/video/interview/information request posts. it's getting to be too much. the th_cult is for news, gossip, speculation, schedule things... when a person goes to th_cult now, in order to find anything with substance, they have to sift through about 40 request posts. it isn't fair; it isn't even fair to the people making request posts, because in order to find THEIR request post, they have to wade through 35 others!

we've revised the rules. we no longer accept image/interview/icon/media request posts. if you make one, your post will be deleted without notice.

there are always exceptions, of course, and if/when we see a request post that we think should be allowed, we'll leave it. this does not mean that you should submit a request post and hope for the best, though. ;)

I'm sorry if this offends anyone, and to a lot of you, it might not seem like a huge issue. big deal, right? well, a lot of our members view the cult on their friends' list page, and it is a very... um... virile community. it makes it difficult to spot the important things.

...gonna close this post up with some HELPFUL LINKS. :)

  • th_media - in this community you can find TH media. ;) all the songs and music videos you could ever want, for free download! all you have to do is become a member. :)

  • th_graphics - Graphics, Requests

  • th_translations - Interviews, Videos... translated. very hardworking people, doing all the hard work FOR you. back in the day, we had to figure this stuff out ourselves. ;)

  • tokiohotelslash/th_fanfic -for all your fan fictional needs...

  • thfanclub - all the latest news and info and etc on TH... much like the cult.

  • billshido - just go here to find out about the Bushido thing, please.

  • deutsche_kultur - German culture, learn all about it!

  • tokioinamerica - the place you want to go for ALL things Tokio Hotel in America. post your gig reviews here!

  • listing_daily - get your Georg fix here. EVERYTHING GEORG.

  • th_live - a new community for fan accounts about live gigs and pictures.

  • th_rumors - a place to discuss rumors about the band...

  • th_gigsrollcall - going to a show in North America? want to see if anyone else is? go here!

  • th_fullsize - go here to seek bigger or fuller versions of pictures you may want

  • and our every helpful FAQ... here you can find out random crap, Ann Kathrin, Bushido, family stuff, facts, dates...

(did i miss any helpful ones? leave your community in the comments!)

again, I don't mean to offend anyone and if you have any issues, please, take it up with me. but I know I speak for the other maintainers when I say, we just want to clean up the community and make it a better place. :)

so quit your damn requests! enjoy being new in the fandom, and relax - it'll all come to you. you'll find that the online TH community is very efficient and for the most part, friendly. we all help each other out, we generally all share. a lot of you are very new, you get to see all this stuff that you haven't seen before, you get to experience all these things that most of us would die for a second chance to see for the first time. just... take it slow. :) look around, there are literally dozens of communities and websites.

and lastly, if you happen to slip and make a request post, and it gets deleted, please don't take it personally. if this new system seems too strict (let's say we'll try it for a week), then we will rethink it and change up the rules again. but for now, take a look at the link list I posted up there, watch the comments - I'm sure more stuff will pop up.

and LASTLY lastly, welcome to the community. ;)
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