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Habbo Canada interview

It was not that good - and maybe only one Canadian fan got in, LOL
Bill could not attend because the doctor advised against it

Here's my transcript

They were all talking from Tom's account.

What bands influence your music?
T: no specific band, we're all into different music.

What city was your all time favourite to preform in?
T: We can't pick one, we've played in so many amazing places.

What is the song; Ready, Set, Go! about?
T: It's about going for your dreams!
Gus: It's about breaking down borders and not being caught in life
Georg: It's about being brave and going for your dreams no matter what people say -
it's about leaving everything behind you.


If I was to start a band, what advice would you give me?
T: OH, we hate people give advice, and think they know everything and need to tell you how the world is running.
It's important to do your thing and that's what we always do.

You recently played in Canada for the first time, what do you think of our country?
T: We loved it! We had a really great time and the Canadian fans were really amazing. We can't wait to come back.

QUESTION FOR TOM: I saw some pics of you and you had a scar on your eyebrow, how'd that happen? Fighting with your twin?
T: Bill gave me a hard push - I fell - and a snowboard hit me. We were six years.

What do you like to do when you're not touring?
T: We like to relax, sleep, eat, and watch T.V.
Geo: and sleep, sleep, and sleep.

What do you do if you have a bad day, and how do you fix it?
T: We know each other very well, and first if one of us has a bad day...
We just let him do his thing - or we all laugh about Georg.
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